Online survey components

After defining the survey goal, go over all the key elements for implementing your study project. In addition to ensuring that you haven’t forgotten anything, this step also provides a basis for establishing the project schedule.

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Online survey components

Your survey components

  • Method selection: choose a way to proceed that corresponds to your needs
  • Questionnaire: have it validated by operational teams
  • Graphic personalization: re-create your brand’s visual world
  • Distribution: who are your respondents, and how can you reach them?
    – Database: employees or customers and prospects
    – Website or social networks
    – Access to an external panel
  • Deliverables: at the end of the study, process and present results
    – Raw data
    – Processed data
    – PowerPoint report
    – Oral presentation
  • Possible technical aspects
        – Quotas: A sample is representative if it has the same characteristics as the population studied. Representativeness is achieved by imposing quotas on characteristics that may influence answers, such as gender, age, socioeconomic category or the size of an agglomeration or region. At the start of the survey, a real-time analysis of answers to these questions will enable you to automatically eliminate respondents when the quota has been reached for one of the targeted categories.
    – Units: The idea here is to assign your study respondents to subgroups or units. The subgroups are often identical to allow comparison. Thus, if you want to test two offers or two visuals and you want to show only one to each respondent, you need to create two identical subgroups (also known as “paired”) to be able to compare your results.
    – Weighting: This is a common practice that improves sample representativeness. Weighting can be done by extracting overrepresented profiles or by accounting several times for underrepresented profiles.
    – Soft launch: The “soft launch” is a method for collecting data from a limited audience. It allows testing the survey and analyzing the first responses before launching to all respondents.

Now you can proceed to the next step: planning the project schedule.

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