Online questionnaire: clickable images - sensitive zones

Images can be used for all types of online surveys, including satisfaction surveys, product or concept tests and reputation or social barometers. This type of questionnaire offers numerous opportunities and advantages for collecting data. From the respondent’s point of view, images also add dynamism and make the questionnaire interactive and fun. An attractive questionnaire with a pleasant approach increases the response rate and gives a more positive image of the survey sender.

Online questionnaires make using images easy and natural. To include images in a questionnaire, the online platform proposes the “sensitive zone” closed question with two types of possible answer that allow you to combine the qualitative and quantitative approaches.

  • Clickable image with predefined click zones
  • Fully clickable image

In both cases, the image replaces the way a closed question is answered by proposing one or more possibilities.

Online questionnaire: clickable images - sensitive zones

How to choose between two ways of presentation

Sensitive zones with predefined click areas

This type of guided response is closer to a quantitative approach. The predefined click areas give you objective answers that are immediately processed as statistics.

The choice is made by selecting a specific part of the image shown. You can highlight different elements on the visual and compare results instantaneously.


The respondent must be able to easily identify the clickable zones to avoid misinterpretation.

In your opinion, where is a good place to live in France?


If you work at the regional level, opt for a simplified presentation of France with clear regional divisions. Place clickable squares on the name of each region.


Results will be analyzed by comparing the number of clicks on each predefined zone corresponding to a region.

Sensitive zones with predefined click areas

Sensitive zones on a fully clickable image

For a more qualitative approach, choose unguided collection. Making the image fully clickable lets you collect a large amount of spontaneous information.

Let respondents click wherever they want on the visual, and then analyze the data by grouping it and establishing which are the zones most and least frequently clicked on.

Tip :

To make things easier for respondents, allow them to zoom in on the image

In your opinion, where is a good place to live in France?


Show the geographical map of France without suggesting a clear territorial division.


When you process the results, you will define the zones according to the number of clicks. You can observe regional or departmental divisions or make a more in-depth analysis by isolating favorite cities and urban areas.

Sensitive zones on a fully clickable image

Analysis of results

When you use an image with predefined sensitive zones in your questionnaire, statistical processing of results is instantaneous. The number and percentage of clicks by zone are sent automatically to the results module of the online survey platform. They can be found:

  • In the raw results database with the name and code you have chosen for each predefined zone;
  • In the frequency tables and cross tabulations as a comparative table that can be exported.

When you choose a closed question with sensitive zones and a fully clickable image, the results module suggests specific processing in the form of an image.

This interface shows where points have accumulated on the visual and lets you delimit as many zones as you wish. You can then compare the number and percentage of points for each of these zones.

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