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Real-time marketing is based on the interaction between brand and customer. These real-time marketing actions aim to choose the most appropriate approach and offer for customers at a given moment. Understanding visitor behavior on an e-business site enables adjusting marketing operations and detecting ways to improve the site.

Our solutions to explain visitor behavior

For a full analysis of visits to your website, including data such as rebound rate, average time spent on the site and number of pages viewed, AreYouNet has developed an innovative tool based on following visitor pathways. This set-up enables studying visitor behavior in real time and piloting a web marketing strategy by measuring and explaining certain indicators.

Our solutions to explain visitor behavior

A new solution featuring simple operation on all websites and able to trigger study, marketing and commercial actions

You can segment visitors according to their actions, by when they connected or by following the pages visited. In a very precise way according to pertinent criteria for your site, you will be able to automatically trigger actions: display a sales offer to someone who visited the product pages, place an article in a visitor’s shopping cart without validating it or propose a contact form to those who download technical documentation.

The operational benefits of real-time behavior tracking for your e-commerces site:

  • Profile your visitors by campaign and explain behavior by segments
  • Guide the user experience and generate suggestions on improving the site
  • Understand an exit from the conversion funnel
  • Trigger immediate purchase through personalized offers
  • Improve the ROI of your merchant site


Optimize your e-commerce website with full independence

Entrust us with your project

Entrust us with your project

To support you in the implementation of real-time behavior tracking, we propose fully personalized and immediately operational solutions meeting one or more goals:

  • a one-shot study or a year-long process
  • from design of survey triggering rules to data analysis by way of pop-in design.

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