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Listening to and understanding your customers, consumers, users, prospects or members is key to your goal of increasing their satisfaction, gaining their loyalty, testing offers and studying your image and price positioning. In sum, optimizing your marketing mix to create greater value.

AreYouNet proposes simple, powerful, integrated solutions which you can implement yourself or ask us to implement with you.

Our online marketing survey solutions

Our marketing solutions are based on a very extensive functional ecosystem which enables carrying out quantitative and qualitative studies on all types of devices using files, panels, social networks and websites. We support you daily in the following areas:

Our online marketing survey solutions

The success of an online study is based on proper preparation which takes into account all of its methodological, technical and visual aspects. We make our professional expertise available to you from the first contact so that your study will be operational, complete and conclusive for your decision-making process.


Our proven software tools

Over thirteen years, we have developed a modular ecosystem which covers a functional perimeter unique in Europe, from survey platform to panel management by way of tracking on a website. Simple to use and effective, our tools will be an invaluable aid in carrying out your marketing studies on Internet. Modules include:

  • An application for online questionnaires to create and publish fully personalized studies in your company colors. To consult your audience directly and in a targeted manner, you can use our customer database or question customers on your site. You can program your questionnaire yourself in just a few clicks. Results are available in real time, and you can analyze them in detail using online tables.
  • An advanced Web dashboard module for all your satisfaction barometers with automatic reports in Excel and PowerPoint. Project managers or business unit heads can access their indicators in just a few clicks to make the necessary decisions.
  • Integrated online proprietary panel management for questioning your consumers directly, whenever you like. You can recruit them, ask them questions, guide them and reward them using one integrated tool.
  • website visitor feedback module for web traffic surveys: track visitor behavior on your website to give an idea of the way visitors react.
  • An online bulletin board with a moderator to organize qualitative sessions: discussions among consumers enable defining an exploratory field or a study framework which can later be used to validate a quantitative study.
  • A data processing solution to carry out in-depth statistical analyses and create graphs in just a few clicks in an Excel environment.

Entrust us with your projects

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Service bureau

entrust your marketing study project to our team of study professionals. It will be implemented in 72 hours.

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Specific projects:

our experts will provide support for your methodological approach, the definition of goals and the execution of your barometer and reporting project by relying on the powerful tools provided by AreYouNet.

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Dedicated panel creation

if you like, we can create and manage your online consumer panel from recruitment to restitution of study results.

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