improve the user experience on the intranet

The intranet is a local IT network that can be accessed only by company employees, who use protocols that are identical to those of a website. It is an effective way to share internal resources, collaborate and build a shared knowledge base. Designed for all employees, the intranet must be able to be used by everyone with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Since thinking in the place of others is a risky undertaking, we propose some simple and inexpensive tools to involve your employees in improving user experience on the intranet.

Giving the right message at the right time to the right person is essential to ensuring effective communication. Using LiveIntercept, you can publish information of an institutional character or with the goal of providing support on your intranet according to precise rules without having to implement a costly or complex solution.

Several feedback surveys can be carried out simultaneously on both your corporate site and intranet in order to compare the data collected.


LiveIntercept solutions for intranet optimization

LiveIntercept, our solution for tracking navigation behavior, lets you interact with your internet users in real time, according to the time they spend on a page, the type of page consulted or the functionalities they use. You can make a survey of their expectations and the issues they encounter, as well as know their current level of satisfaction and the reasons they behave the way they do, and adapt your intranet in consequence.

Very easy to use, LiveIntercept ensures smoothness and responsiveness in the implementation of your targeted and occasional communication actions. You can display information according to pre-established rules, such as when a section is entered, on a specific page or on a pathway – all at a specific time.

  • Communication: Highlighting of messages and information according to pre-established navigation rules: online help for a new section, reminder of a Works Committee meeting date, news items, registration for an event, etc.
  • Contents: What is the relevance for employees of the contents presented? Are employees informed of news items and changes in the contents? Is access to information optimal?
  • Collaboration: How are shared work areas and specific business tools being used? What kinds of collaborative tools do employees want? What do they think about training on these tools?
  • Interactivity: Which applications foster exchange among communities and employees who have the same centers of interest? Do the forum, chats and discussion areas have a stimulating effect?
  • Ergonomics: Not all employees are able to master IT tools on the same level. Is the time it takes to learn how to use an interface nearly instantaneous for all company employees?
  • Independence: Are employees able to manage information on their own? Have new online procedures (requests for time off; car, PC and room reservations) been adopted? Which functionalities are appreciated, and which are not?

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Optimize the user experience on your intranet with total independence

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LiveIntercept website feedback module

easily implement survey triggering and collect information on your intranet

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SurveyMinder data processing module

analyze data collected in Excel and make the improvements

Optimize the user experience on your intranet with total independence

Let us help you with your project

Intranet optimization relies on quantitative surveys published on your internet that ask the questions you want to have answered. We support your thinking from the start of your project and help you define the sequence of tests to be made. Next, we take charge of implementing these surveys and analyzing the data collected. You are free to concentrate on your business, and we assist you with our recommendations for optimizing your intranet.

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