Online survey: personalized questionnaire

A respondent accepted giving an opinion and has just finished the questionnaire. The last page he sees is the exit page. It’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity to send him a message or offer him something in exchange for the time spent; your goal is to create loyalty.

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Online survey: personalized questionnaire

Here are four easy suggestions you can use

1. Thanks at survey end and ruled-out respondents

You should create at least two alternative exit pages.

The first is to thank respondents who have completed the questionnaire. Send them a thank-you message where you indicatehow how their valuable feedback will allow you to improve your services.

The second exit page will be used for respondents who were ruled out because they did not correspond to the socio-demographic profile needed for your study or because the quota was reached. This page will direct respondents prematurely to the end of the survey and will be displayed only if respondents are led to the page through a predefined filter.

2. Personalized content

If you question all your customers, at the end of the survey special offers or a selection of products corresponding to the centers of interest of a masculine and a feminine population will be displayed.

You can go even further with personalization by including a variable tied to answers given for the survey. For example, when you make a test of employee knowledge, different types of training will be proposed according to responses.

3. Recommendation based on NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Create a specific exit page for respondents who gave a high rating to the question “How strongly would you recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Answers are scaled from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Loyal customer who continue to purchase your products while recommending them to others are Promoters who have rated 9 or 10.


Encourage them to rank your company on its Google Maps or Yellow Pages page or to recommend your hotel on TripAdvisor. To help them carry out this task, insert logos on your thank-you page with a link that redirects to the page presenting your brand.

See how it works by clicking on a logo. Read more about NPS in Best Practice no. 13.

Thank you for taking time to answer this questionnaire.
Let others know what you think.

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4. Access panel exit pages

For access panel studies, personalized exit pages let you implement compensation programs that are differentiated according to the respondent’s profile.

If you want to implement personalized access pages for your AreYouNet surveys, contact us using this form or call us at +33 1 57 42 42 42.



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