Etudes qualitatives en ligne : communautés éphémères

Online solutions can be used for more than quantitative studies only. Tools like our DialogMaker are specifically designed for carrying out qualitative projects online. You can use it to create temporary online communities where you can dialog with participants who are geographically distant or unavailable at the same time.

These communities ask consumers open questions over several days on cross-study topics, followed by questions on specific points, within an environment that resembles the social networks. To English speakers, these are MEOC – Market Research Online Communities – or bulletin boards.

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Qualitative studies online: ephemeral communities


Participants recruited for the study answer questions from a previously defined interview guide and are supervised by a moderator. Next, participants can be invited to enrich the discussion by commenting on each other’s answers.

One of the major advantages of the qualitative online forum is that participants can share photos, documents and links to back up their opinion.

  • Recruitment: Depending on the goal of your study, you can recruit your own customers, people who aren’t familiar with your brand or a mix of the two.
  • The ideal number of participants is from 15 to 30. If you have the necessary resources, you can recruit up to a hundred participants.

the moderator's role

Your community’s success depends on your moderator’s ability to encourage a lively exchange. The goal is to do more than merely discuss. The moderator’s role is to dynamize the debate with pertinent on-topic interventions that include questions, answers, restarts and comments.

  • Organization of themes: Follow the interview guide sequence according to the pace, number and type of participants. You can organize your themes by half-day, from the broadest to the most specific.
  • Moderation: Depending on the topics that concern the group, you can either have all participants discuss together or create and lead discussion sub-groups. To go deeper into the topic, you can question participants individually.

How to use the community

This type of community is very appropriate for brands, especially if they already have a customer panel, because it is much easier to recruit participants. You can carry out all types of qualitative studies with your customers, prospects, partners or employees.

  • Concept, product, packaging or offer testing
  • Website optimization
  • Evolution of the loyalty program

Customer communities can also be activated for company events:

  • New slogan or new visual identity
  • Merger or crisis managemen

Case study : Qualitative online study, a great solution for BtoB marketing

Panelist community

In 2013 at AreYouNet, we launched our online community tool , which is often used with our panel management solution. Since 2015, we offer the possibility of tracking the behavior of community members on our clients’ websites in a way that orients the discussion according to their user pathway.

If, for example, you want to quickly implement a community for one month in three countries to know how your new ad campaign is perceived, we provide full support. Contact us using this form or call us at +33 1 57 42 42 42.



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