Behavioral monitoring to optimize the ergonomics of the sites

The performance of your website depends on surfer satisfaction from the first visit. Since the visitor’s path is very personal, site ergonomics must enable each individual to rapidly access pertinent information and provide an easy way to use site functions: catalog consultation, request for an estimate, registration, purchasing or contact form.

There are many rules, which are sometimes contradictory, for optimizing Web ergonomics. The goal is to improve the user experience by facilitating navigation, organizing and ordering contents and making information clear and concise; in other words, smoothing travel through the site to help visitors save time.

Whether it is a question of the rule of three clicks, hot and cold areas, page-change speed, floating area, inter-page links, page design and sub-menus, actions buttons or assistance levels, all these elements impact the user experience.

Solutions for optimizing website ergonomics

Our new solution for following site visitors according to their behavior lets you understand what stimulates them and what obstacles they encounter, as well as tracking your service’s satisfaction level “day by day” without having to implement a costly, complex solution.

Solutions for optimizing website ergonomics

Several studies can be carried out at the same time on your website in order to compare data collected from the same site traffic (i.e., acquisition campaigns).

By questioning visitors to your website in real time, by following time spent per page and/or the type of pages visited, you can understand the reasons for their behavior and adapt your site accordingly.

You will be able to find answers to the following questions almost immediately:

  • Is the presentation of information or products optimal?
  • Is it easy to access the information or products visitors are looking for?
  • Is site navigation sufficiently intuitive?
  • Are the user pathways (registration, ordering, subscription, etc.) sufficiently fluid and clear?
  • Independently of the brand world displayed, does design facilitate or disturb navigation?
  • Does a new functionality meet needs which were identified?


Optimize your website ergonomics with full freedom

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The optimization of website ergonomics is based on quantitative studies published on your website according to questions you ask yourself. From project start, we support you in overall planning and in defining the scripts and test sequences to be carried out. Next, we take charge of implementing these studies and analyzing data collected. You will thus be able to concentrate on your business, and we can help you by giving recommendations on how to optimize your website.

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