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The advent of online studies has stimulated a renewal of panels, which are defined as groups of identified and profiled individuals who regularly answer surveys.

Although projects have multiplied, they are not always a success. Certain non-specialized companies have wanted to take advantage of this market opportunity without developing the necessary expertise.

At AreYouNet, we have been creating online panels since 2003 with 100% success. This didn’t happen by accident: we have implemented a total support process that begins with an analysis of the client’s marketing AND studies issues.

We feel that the following aspects are key and should be taken into consideration from the start of project design.

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Panel owner or dedicated panel online

Positioning of project methods

  • The first question concerns the representativeness of profiles that you plan to recruit for your panel. Do you have sufficient recruitment sources to carry out studies on your market segment?
  • What type of studies should be carried out? You can make tests on offers or concepts but not studies on pricing image, for example, unless you build a significantly large panel that is not under your brand name.
  • How many studies per year? If you don’t call on your panelists at least once a month, more and more of them will cease to participate, and the project will not be very interesting from a financial point of view.
  • Does an online panel create bias? In other words, does using panelists introduce a bias as compared to a file-based study? Coincidental studies we have made over the past ten years indicate that this effect is marginal and that in any case, it does not impact results. The panel allows collecting a large number of responses, which increases the reliability of the indicators measured.

Project dimensioning
and study sequence

  • Panel size should be established according to the number and type of studies, response rates with respect to various possibilities, sample size, and rate of abandonment.
  • In the case of a B2B panel, since the number of potential panelists is limited, you can lighten certain representativeness constraints.
  • To ensure a long-lasting panel, which is one of the project goals, you should draw up an annual planning schedule with different types of studies that will offer variety to panelists.

Definition of recruitment
and renewal vectors

  • The choice of recruiting method will have an impact on panel structure and project cost: remember to use Facebook to recruit profiles in the 25-50 age bracket who tend to be urban. We can also propose recruiting on your website, depending on how your visitors behave.
  • Remember to renew panelists in order to have the profiles needed for your studies available at all times. The rate of panelist activity decreases over time.

Implementation of loyalty
and encouragement mechanisms

  • The idea is to create a long-term through a loyalty program by proposing content on the website dedicated to panelists. Fast and easy voting on the website will convey the idea of a dynamic project
  • With respect to compensation, have a look at various solutions and choose one or two that are complementary. Do not compensate your panelists with your brand products to avoid creating a huge behavioral bias.

The answers to these questions are key to success. Our internal specialists are ready to support you at each step in the project, in particular Aymeric de Boishéraud, who created the first dedicated online panel in France in 2002.

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