The Client

Malakoff Humanis Group

Malakoff Humanis, one of the leading French egalitarian and mutual social protection groups, offers life and health insurance, savings plans and pension funds for companies and private individuals.

It is the second leading supplementary pension administrator for companies, including:

  • Over 200,000 very small companies and non-salaried workers
  • Over 20,000 smaller and medium-sized companies
  • The largest groups and over 30 branch agreements

It is second-ranked in personal health and life insurance and in savings in the private sector:

  • Over six million individuals and their families
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The Client Malakoff médéric

Issues and goals

An approach based on client knowledge is the very basis of the Malakoff Humanis identity. The Group aims to provide products and services that fit the preferences and meet the expectations of clients and their families.

Because of growing demand, the company was obliged to call on external service providers to carry out studies. But this proved to be expensive, and it was difficult to launch projects with the necessary rapidity. Thus, the Group decided to try a new approach and look for a solution that enabled it to meet three goals: carry out more studies, be more responsive and reduce costs.

  • Objective: Find a way to question clients that would ensure fast implementation of a large number of studies yet represent financial advantages.


AreYouNet a proposed an integrated solution for managing an online proprietary panel. Recruiting panel members among company clients has several advantages. It avoids having to call on over-saturated marketing databases or use database service providers and allows launching studies with greater rapidity.

The solution included three complementary elements:

  • the online survey platform to create, distribute and analyze surveys
  • the panel management module to build representative samples according to the profile and activity of panel members, track database evolution and manage panel activity
  • the panelist website to communicate with panelists, give them information and call on them for surveys


  • The survey platform gives total independence to internal teams for programming and implementing online surveys in less than half a day.
  • Precise and complex sampling is based on client profile variables and is regularly updated.
  • Analyzing results is made easy thanks to built-in processing functionalities.
  • Knowledge of clients over time is ensured by the panel management module that stores, classifies and keeps a history of all information concerning panelists and studies carried out. It’s possible to track individual panelists or the panel as a group over time and observe the effects of various marketing actions.

You get guaranteed precision, responsiveness and cost control.


To obtain a maximum survey response rate and create customer loyalty, it’s important to implement a compensation system for participants.

For more information, contact us or call +33 1 57 42 42 42. We will be happy to show you all the technical possibilities and methods we propose.



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