The client : is a brand of Concept Multimedia, a subsidiary of the Spir Communication Group.
The leading free magazine for real estate ads, Logic-Immo was created in 1995:

  • 33 local editions to cover all of France
  • Average circulation is 1.4 million copies per issue
  • 17,000 distribution outlets

Launched in 2002 and entirely reworked in 2015,, the company’s Web version:

  • Counts over 1.2 million online ads
  • Totals over 11 million Web visit and apps
  • Proposes an extension of its iPhone app for the Apple Watch
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The client :

Issues and goals is looking for a new communication solution that gives real estate agents better visibility of the properties for which they have exclusivity.

To test concepts and ascertain whether the offer meets agent expectations and market needs, the company decided to carry out a joint qualitative study with private clients and real estate professionals. To do this, a study institute organized a traditional focus group based on site users; in other words, on potential purchasers.

However, for the B2B part of the group, this type of meeting is problematic because of availability constraints and a need for discretion. Only individual interviews were possible, but they did not allow discussions among the representatives of various real estate markets, notably in rural and urban areas with zones where there was either heavy demand or almost none.

  • Objective: Take advantage of the digital transformation of survey methods and tools to find an alternative to the traditional focus group and carry out a qualitative study on real estate professionals, the B2B target.


As’s online quantitative study partner for many years, AreYouNet proposed DialogMaker, its bulletin board solution.

  • To include geographical and temporal aspects in the method, the twenty real estate agents discussed the issues of exclusivity online for ten days in an asynchronous discussion format. Participants could adapt the frequency of their contributions to their schedule and were able to discuss sensitive topics freely with other agents while remaining anonymous.
  • The B2B interview guide was enriched with information from B2C meetings: professionals were invited to react to what private individuals said.

The choice of internalizing the process:

  • Reduced the number of go-betweens and led to greater precision
  • Ensured in-depth business knowledge that is indispensable when discussing with a professional audience
  • Required the intervention of a group leader to create a relationship with the person interviewed from the moment of registration and to implement a series of relaunches to sustain involvement.


This is the first time that the company has been able to carry out a qualitative study that “brings together” professionals from different geographical zones with a broad range of market issues. This study brought in an abundance of information that allowed rapidly developing an offer for both B2C and B2B customers.

Through in-depth work with both end customers and real estate partners, Logic-Immo trengthened its role as an intermediary by proposing common ground for two groups with ifferent expectations.

The online bulletin board is an outstanding solution for qualitative studies
that involve B2B marketing.

The big picture

For more information, contact us online or call +33 1 57 42 42 42. We will be pleased to show you all our qualitative and quantitative online survey solutions and methods.



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