The Client : Group Societe Generale

Founded in 1864, Societe Generale is one of the oldest French banks and one of the leading European financial service groups.

Today, the Societe Generale group

  • counts 146,000 employees with 122 nationalities
  • is present in 66 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America
  • manages 31 million private customers, companies and financial institutions

A universal bank:

  • Retail banks in France: Societe Generale, Boursorama, Crédit du Nord
  • Retail banking and international financial services
  • Financial and investment banking, private banking, third-party asset management
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The Client : Group Societe Generale

Issues and goals

Previously, survey software had been installed on employee work stations to carry out surveys designed for branch offices. The fact that the license was installed on computers led to blocking when new versions of software were released.

  • Objective: Harmonize computer tools within the Group and propose an online survey solution to be used by all employees.


Opening the computer network within the Group allowed using online software. This brought many advantages for users. Deployment was fast and there are no constraints on installation, supervision or software versioning.

Through the framework agreement was signed in 2009, all Group entities can benefit from the online survey software as a remote application that can be accessed through an internet connection. The collection of information has been simplified, and results are available immediately. User data, surveys and the responses collected are hosted on a very secure server. A security audit and intrusion tests are carried out each quarter by Societe Generale in direct collaboration with AreYouNet teams.

Today, this survey platform is the only tool referenced in the Societe Generale Group.


For deployment of the online survey tool, the digital communication service assigned a project officer, who is also the AreYouNet reference in the Group, to:
centralize requests for opening access

  • provide support, including administrative support, for the entities for account creation
  • provide assistance for users.

It is important for the entities to be aware of security issues when
access is provided. We have a preventive role. For reasons of security and
compliance, the entities are not allowed to use non-secure free tools or
to share access between employees.

User support

The mission of user assistance is to facilitate adopting the software by giving advice and support to employees. Assistance usually consists in answering calls from users who ask questions when surveys are being carried out. When a request is beyond the competency of the person in charge of support at Societe Generale, she calls on the AreYouNet hotline, which always finds a solution.

Result: more users and more exchange

We have observed an increase in the volume of account creation during the past few years.

Currently, 300 users connect each day to the platform in Europe,
Asia and Africa to create their surveys

As an information relay within the Group, the communication service must present the tools to employees and share best practices. To provide maximum visibility for the online survey software, a page dedicated to the tool has been created on the new intranet. This page also provides advice in the form of best practice sheets concerning recurrent problems encountered by users.

Users can also join a “survey tools” group on the internal social network. This is a place where documents can be exchanged to encourage sharing, facilitate spreading knowledge and distribute information.

Benefits: innovation, sharing, active listening

The extensive variety of needs in the various services is fully covered by the very broad functional scope of the software. Human Resources, Communication or the IT Support service, branch offices and subsidiaries all carry out surveys ranging from simple post-event satisfaction questionnaires to collecting business unit and user needs.

Building team spirit together.

Team spirit and innovation are values shared by all Societe Generale employees. The Group aims to become the relational bank of reference and work with customers in the same way that employees work together. This is based on active listening, co-construction, recognition of contributions and solidarity at both successful and difficult moments.

The generalization of information collection, which comes from both internal and external sources, has initiated new projects for active listening and co-creation:

  • Proprietary customer panel to test concepts and offers and reduce decision-making time
  • Web dashboard to track employee and customer satisfaction surveys initiated by the change management service, thus making it easier to share information

The online survey software has tremendous advantages. It has well-earned success within the Group and continues to provide a number of interesting possibilities.

For more information, contact us online or call +33 1 57 42 42 42. We will be happy to show you all the technical possibilities and methods we propose.



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