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AreYouNet has developed technologies that go well beyond the simple management of an Internet survey because they are able to integrate, update and enrich information coming from company CRM database and re-integrate them into this database.

The software enables a company to pilot all information feedback from the different entities using the data exchange module for a true EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) solution.

Main data exchange module functionalities

It enables:

  • no longer asking a question whose answer is already known
  • personalizing the questionnaire according to the respondent
  • defining filters on the basis of profile parameters
  • moving on to other surveys according to the respondent’s profile
  • re-injecting the data in the CRM customer database

AreYouNet is an open platform allowing connections to all upstream and downstream outside systems in real time or with a delay.


Data exchange module operation

  • 1. Triggering event
    An event indicating to the platform that a questionnaire must be sent to Mr. X is triggered following a purchase, a request for documentation, etc.
  • 2. Questionnaire distribution
    The platform transmits the questionnaire: using profile parameters, a personalized questionnaire is proposed to each recipient.
  • 3. Data exchange with CRM databases
    The AreYouNet system allows reading information from the company CRM databases, even while the questionnaire is being filled in.
  • 4. Questionnaire collection
    Responses are included and statistical calculations are updated in real time for continuous tracking.
  • 5. CRM data enrichment
    Answers to the questionnaires can be used to enrich the company CRM databases.

Business areas of application

Discover application cases in the use of the software

Automatic customer satisfaction
Enrichment or qualification of database profiles
Automatic updating of customer events
Contract updating

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