SURVEYMiner: a unique software

AreYouNet has created SurveyMiner, the first data processing application with integrated reports in Excel, which can be used without special training.

SurveyMiner is a complete solution. Browse your data, sort and design your tables and graphs using just a few clicks in Excel for all your data processing needs. It can be used for:

  • Operation in an Excel environment (direct access to data)
  • Fast processing
  • A large number of statistic tests available
  • Direct communication with the AreYouNet questionnaire module
SURVEYMiner : un logiciel unique


Key functionalities

Key functionalities

SurveyMiner provides direct access to data without manipulating files. It adds coding functionalities to Excel and generates simple sorting and multi-columns, as well as the automatic reports you need to analyze your data:

  • Data: sub-populations, data cleaning, adjustment, sampling by quota and Triple-S and SPSS exports
  • Coding: coding of variables, modality groupings, creation of dimensions, coding scripts
  • Frequency tables: sub-populations, weighting, processing of numerical data, graphs
  • Cross tabulations: sub-populations, weighting, nominal and digital variables
  • Statistical tests: chi-square, Student and frequencies
  • Multi-varied analyses: PCA, analyses of binary and multiple correspondences, multiple regressions
  • Automatic report publishing
  • 50 types of graphs

Data collected by AreYouNet opens with a click in SurveyMiner; you don’t need to carry out any special manipulations or imports.


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