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Website visitor feedback

Improve user experience and increase online sales

Website visitor feedback
With this application, you use behavioral data from your web site visitors (origin, pathway and behavior) in real time in order to question them immediately on their navigational experience, purchases, satisfaction and profile. Coupled to our online survey and panel management software, this application provides an exclusive customer knowledge solution: your visitors will help you increase both traffic and conversion rate!

Live Intercept benefits

  • Coupling of observation data (tracking) with collected data (survey)
  • Selection of web site visitors according to their origin and equipment
  • Broad choice of tracking possibilities: time spent on the site, number and order of pages...
  • Surveys in different ways : on-page survey and exit survey with authomated mouse detection
  • Easy implementation without involving the webmaster
  • Greatly reduced study costs
  • Real-time campaign management
  • No file manipulation
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How does it work?
KPI follow up with LiveIntercept
LiveIntercept website visitor interception
Create LiveIntercept campaign
Follow the indicators
Use the statistics and data collected to analyze results:
profile, pathway and
questionnaire response data.
Visitor feedback
Display is automatically triggered according to redefined rules to propose the right message to
the right person at the right time.
Create the campaign
Define campaign goals: choose targets, pages to be
tagged, pathways to follow
and messages to display.

Business applications to optimize your site

Our Live Intercept application has a broad field of action because it covers all aspects of visitor behavior and is not limited to merely proposing a survey. It is a global solution for guiding visitor experience and an integral part of your web marketing strategy:
  • Satisfaction: website usability and content optimization feedback, validation of new functionalities by your visitors, get quick Net Promoter Score rating
  • Lead generation: newsletter registration, contact form, event invitation and registration, customer contact data uploaded directly to your CRM
  • Sell more and better: promotions according to website visitor profile, behavior or device, advertising post-testing, shopping chart abandonment study

Case studies

Best practice

Support and consulting

In the context of recurrent or complex projects, or simply because you want to let us take care of implementation, we support you on all projects to understand visitors and ensure:
  • Definition of the best collection process for your strategy
  • Questionnaire writing and pop-in or tab design
  • Implementation and collection on your site
  • Analysis of data and study report

More about LiveIntercept

Visit the website dedicated to LiveIntercept and learn more: www.LiveIntercpet.com
Live Intercept is a powerful module for explaining visitor behavior on all Internet, extranet and intranet sites without having to call on your webmaster!

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