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Web dashboard

Barometer monitoring: share your data for better decisions

Web dashboard for advanced online real time reporting
Do you want to save time, easily access key indicators and follow their evolution? Whether your business concerns physical or online customers contact, products or services, the online dashboard allows you to:
  • 1. Centralize and automate the collection of customer insights: following a purchase, customer service, technical support or after sales service contact
  • 2. Compare the evolution of standardized indicators: global and detailed satisfaction, perception of service quality, consistency with brand image, level of recommendation
  • 3. Take immediate action following a customer dissatisfaction reported by automated alerts
  • 4. Provide online access to key indicators for the members of your organization according to the needs of each business unit and edit reports in different formats (xls, pdf or ppt)
It is rare for survey results to be consulted by project managers only: it is generally necessary to distribute all or part of them quickly to internal or external recipients. The goal is to provide access to processed data which can be directly used by operational teams.

To meet the needs of the wide variety of projects and reports which must be implemented, AreYouNet has developed a complete, standalone tool for creating, managing and distributing Web and Excel dashboards. This advanced solution lets us create in just a few days a dashboard including all your constraints: format, calculations, graphs, exports, access rights.

The Web or Excel dashboard module

  • Lets project managers, branch or regional directors and employees access the results of a recurring survey, observe changes and explain them
  • Has carefully designed ergonomics for instant understanding and use, even by someone who is not familiar with studies
  • Nearly limitless calculation and graphic possibilities
  • A simple Web browser is all that users need
  • It also allows administrators with reporting access to choose the contents they want to see displayed for each user

Main functionalities of the Web or Excel dashboard module

Software functionalities have been defined to rapidly create any type of online dashboard:
  • Automatic data import (AreYouNet.com studies or external flux)
  • Recoding and data formatting
  • Automatic alerts on scores
  • Simple and advanced statistical calculations
  • Comparison of waves and sub-populations with significance levels and NPSTM
  • On-demand configuration of table and graph display
  • Generation of reports in company colors in Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint formats
  • Full authentication and access rights management module
  • Multilingual solution

Areas of business application

This application allows creating the dashboards you want while integrating all your project constraints, whether for satisfaction barometers, quality tracking or social climate analysis. It can be implemented for collecting information from a panel, a CRM database, files or a website.

Support and consulting

The success of this type of project depends on the establishment of full specifications in order to anticipate the requests of future users. Our expertise and experience enable us to support you with a standardized project management protocol from the moment you start to plan.
Web dashboard users can consult and export results independently in numerous formats while including their comments and analyses.

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