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Specific marketing studies

Online studies, surveys, polls and all kinds of barometers

Online marketing studies
Since 2001, we participate in value creation by proposing advanced collecting and reporting solutions for in-depth knowledge of your market, your prospects and your customers. We accompany all your marketing study projects: online, on a website, using customer files or through online panels. Our added value resides in the expertise we offer combined with advanced technical solutions designed for you to use.

Online marketing studies

We carry out more than 50 online marketing studies each month:
  • Pre- and post-testing
  • Customer satisfaction: annual study or barometer
  • Habits and attitudes
  • Website study
  • Image/pricing
  • Reputation
  • Network study
The field of online marketing studies with AreYouNet

Online studies on a website
    • When customers enter or leave the site or when they browse
    • Customizable questionnaires depending on visitor origin or pathway
    • With capture of profiles in the questionnaire
    • Display of the questionnaire in voice share (% of visitors)
Online studies using files
    • Customers or prospects
    • Suppliers and partners
    • Participants in an event
    • Consumption notebook
Studies using online panels
    • B2C panels with a potential worldwide audience of over 20 million people
    • B2B panels with loyalty programs and social networks
    • Dedicated panels managed by AreYouNet.com, with the possibility of questioning rare targets
Qualitative studies
    • Mystery visits
    • Bulletin board
    • Individual online interview
AreYouNet.com represents over ten years of Web studies with methodological solutions and techniques for:
  • Involving respondents
  • Optimizing data quality
  • Maximizing response rate
  • Proposing entertaining, interactive questions
  • Creating complex methodologies
  • Securing collection of your data

Carry out online studies with full independence

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To guarantee your project success, we provide support at all project steps.

Best practices and advice

Evaluate your website with a dynamic questionnaire in your company colors: example of online questionnairem
Online marketing studies - our difference
Technical and business expertise to support you: our company's three department heads represent by themselves 30 years of accumulated experience in online studies.
Online marketing studies - clients
Online marketing studies - client FFT Online marketing studies - client Direct Assurance
Online marketing studies - client La Redoute
Online marketing studies - client Cyrillus
Online marketing studies - client feedback
"We are convinced that the quality of the AreYouNet.com survey platform provides a source of added value in itself for our online studies. We are fully satisfied with our collaboration with this market leader, a partnership that opens new perspectives to us with each passing day."

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