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Franchising and retail networks

Network deployment requires qualitative reporting

Easy network barometer with an online survey
Traditionally implemented financial and accounting reporting focuses on results. These results can be understood through the creation of barometers for customers and store managers.

AreYouNet.com proposes set-ups which are adapted to your goals of measurement and understanding. Designed to assist in the piloting of stores and the network, our methods and indicators enable obtaining real-time data which can immediately be interpreted for use in marketing, quality, logistics and the management of human resources.

Online network study solutions

Entrust us with your project

AreYouNet is present upstream during the planning process to guide you at each step:
  • Formalization of goals
  • Accounting for business needs
  • Integration of constraints tied to structure
  • Questioning of operations team members
  • Finalizing of specifications and implementation

Best practices and advice

Easy network barometer with an online survey - our difference
Data recipients can choose the way they want to consult the data: Web browser, Excel or PowerPoint.
barometer with an online survey - clients
Retail barometer online survey - client Promod
Retail barometer online survey - client Kiabi
Retail barometer online survey - client Oxybul
Retail barometer online survey - client InterSport
Online survey for retailers : testimonial
"The AreYouNet.com platform and advice from the company enabled us to implement a new study process with important benefits that included reducing study costs, better reactivity in the internal decision-making process, the development of satisfaction surveys and the enrichment of the distributor client relationship. We are very pleased with our collaboration with AreYouNet, in particular as concerns tool simplicity, but also because of the company's ability to propose new ways to make the application evolve each year."

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