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good training to improve efficiency
Our certified training center supports you from the moment you start to use your tools and later encourages moving toward the goal of study expertise.
We have designed an intra-company training program that can be onsite or remote and focuses on three orientations:

  • AreYouNet.com platform:
    • Questionnaire modules with numerous formats by an onsite trainer or through WebEx
    • Panel management module
    • Data processing module
  • Operational support: implementation of action plans
  • Marketing (with our partner Cegos):
Since AreYouNet.com is a certified "Training Entity," training costs can be paid for from your training budget.

The new two-hour-long distance training modules let you work on a precise point without having to travel and at a time that fits easily into your schedule.
"I found this training to be very interesting and essential. Although I was familiar with the tool before coming, I was able to discover new functionalities that will be very useful to me."

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