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Quality studies

Because quality has a direct impact on loyalty

quality measurement
Quality is the most important component in a customer loyalty policy: a problem related to the product, service, delivery or after-sales service can make Internet customers turn immediately to another merchant. Just a few clicks are enough!

The costs of compliance (prevention) and non-compliance (correction) must be minimized at all levels. Keeping this in mind, AreYouNet.com has developed a tool to track internal and external quality that is designed to understand and measure.

Our online solutions for quality studies and customer relations

We support you in your creation and implementation approach by taking care of the following essential issues:
  • Expectations of those who ordered the measurement
  • Definition of the pertinent measurement indicators
  • Number of measurement points
  • Measurement frequency
  • Number of significant measurements

Entrust us with your projets

From an operational standpoint, we put the accent on process simplicity so that a maximum of data will be collected and immediately distributed. Our added value is based on:
  • Business expertise to support the company in its barometer approach
  • The ability to collect different indicators with different questionnaires within the same database
  • A system of real-time alerts to process customer questions
  • A tool for consolidating, calculating and sharing different indicators
  • A very flexible tool offering the possibility of quickly and easily modifying indicators

Best practices and advice

Very numerous possibilities for triggering the survey after a purchase, a call to after-sales service or a complaint. With no technical installation.
"We chose this platform for its functionalities and ease of implementation. This winning combination has enabled over 300 users to carry out surveys. Support reactivity could always be counted on. Bravo!"

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