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Internal communication

Advanced tools for managing internal communication surveys online

Advanced tools for managing internal communication surveys online
Internal communication is key to optimizing collaboration and coordination between individuals and groups. Communication strategy should be based on different internal studies focusing on the company project.

As a guarantee of company image and a powerful lever for encouraging employee commitment, internal communication has many roles to play. On the one hand, it explains organizational facets and conveys messages using digital and paper supports. On the other, it motivates and brings employees together for internal events while developing loyalty and company culture.

Online internal communication studies enable diagnosing practices and finding out quickly and in a simple way what employees expect. The goal of internal surveys is to encourage discussion and transversal contacts and, above all, employee participation. Inviting employees to take part and give their suggestions for improvement can't help but reinforce a feeling of belonging.

With its potential to attract and advanced multimedia features, our platform enables carrying out these internal studies online.

Our internal communication online survey solutions

Most probably, you already use online tools to distribute information. Our online survey solutions will enable you to obtain feedback and collect information.
  • Evaluation of digital and print communication supports
  • Registration and evaluation of outside events, seminars, internal events
  • Intranet: measurement of employee satisfaction with navigation; user experience before and after implementing the intranet
  • Collection of employee information: photos for the company directory, etc.
  • Online quizzes and contests

Carry out online surveys with full independence

AreYouNet.com lets you implement a cross-company solution for carrying out polls, surveys and motivational operations, as well as collect and analyze data, without being an IT expert.
  • An online survey platform to create and distribute your interactive questionnaires and process the data collected in just a few clicks. To share the results of your survey with the company, you can extract reports from the reporting module in the format you need: PowerPoint, Excel orWord.
  • Website visitor feedback to know the strengths and weaknesses of your intranet. This solution lets you ask visitors about their browsing experience in real time and propose a specific content according to their pathway through the site.

Entrust us with your projects

Our team of experts provides support for your strategic planning, as well as for the implementation of your specific projects for internal communication surveys.

For sharing your online survey results with the departments concerned and decision-makers, AreYouNet.com proposes a branded collaborative portal designed especially for your company.

Best practices and advice

Multilingual surveys, dynamic questionnaires and rapid execution facilitate collecting feedback within the company and its subsidiaries.
"The tools are very intuitive and easy to use in a pleasant environment. The inbuilt support function tells us the steps to follow so it is really easy to understand. It is within the reach of everyone and if there is any problem the support team has a high reactivity and helps us to resolve the problems quickly.
AreYouNet also brings us ideas about solutions. They help us to study the feasibility of our projects, which is a real plus. "


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