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Management of employee savings

Allocation of discretionary and non-discretionary profit sharing

Easily manage online employee profit sharing plans
Discretionary and non-discretionary profit sharing plans are regulated savings plans which let employers associate employees to company results and enable employees to have additional income. These mechanisms of complementary remuneration, which are separate from the salary, require contacting employees to let them choose between investing and collecting. Each year, this must be done for both components: discretionary and non-discretionary profit-sharing.

Our solutions for the Human Resources IT system

To help you save time and considerable expense, AreYouNet.com has created a functional online tool that enables rapid implementation of this arbitration procedure for employees.

Our solution for online questioning of employees can be adapted to the specificities of your company and internal procedures. We propose methodological support and deliver the data at the end of the allocation period.

The functionalities: a simplified approach with full freedom

  • At the start of the allocation period, a connection link is sent to employees by email or by post if they do not have an email address.
  • Connection to the Web portal through secure access to indicate employees' choices.
  • Possibility of changing the choices online until the end of the allocation period.
  • Before the close of the allocation period, an email alert is sent to employees who have not filled out the questionnaire.
  • Personalized configuration: allocation period, choice of investment funds, information on the funds, in a visual environment personalised and branded for your orgnisation.
  • Tracking, analysis and data export: connection rates, amounts invested, distribution of amounts, search for coupons, etc.

Key services for the personalized offer tied to employee savings accounts

  • Business expertise on these types of projects for large accounts
  • Technical skills for implementing complex formulas
  • Pre-existing technical modules
  • Possibilities of made-to-measure technical development
  • Collection of tens of thousands of investments in just a few days
  • Availability of a smartphone version
  • Hyper-secure technical environment
  • Interfaces which can be fully personalized for your company
Dematerialization of employee choice collection, lowering of management costs and a modern image of your company
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