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Data processing

Carry out complicated sorting in an easy way

analyze your data in Excel in few clicks
AreYouNet.com has created SurveyMinder, the first data processing application with integrated reports in Excel, which can be used without special training.
Browse your data, sort and design your tables and graphs using just a few clicks in Excel:
  • Operation in an Excel environment (direct access to data)
  • Fast processing
  • A large number of statistic tests available
  • Direct communication with the AreYouNet questionnaire module

Key functionalities

SurveyMiner provides direct access to data without manipulating files. It adds coding functionalities to Excel and generates simple sorting and multi-columns, as well as the automatic reports you need to analyze your data:
  • Data: sub-populations, data cleaning, adjustment, sampling by quota and Triple-S and SPSS exports
  • Coding: coding of variables, modality groupings, creation of dimensions, coding scripts
  • Frequency tables: sub-populations, weighting, processing of numerical data, graphs
  • Cross tabulations: sub-populations, weighting, nominal and digital variables
  • Statistical tests: chi-square, Student and frequencies
  • Multi-varied analyses: PCA, analyses of binary and multiple correspondences, multiple regressions
  • Automatic report publishing
  • 50 types of graphs

Business areas of application

SurveyMiner is a complete solution for all your data processing needs. It can be used for:
Click on the link to learn more about the full presentation of all SurveyMiner functionalities.

Data collected by AreYouNet.com opens with a click in SurveyMiner; you don't need to carry out any special manipulations or imports.
"Survey Miner lets us make all sorts of analyses very easily: from the simplest (cross tabulation, frequency tables, significance tests, creation of subpopulations, subtotals, etc.) to the most complex (multivariate analyses)."


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