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Data analysis

Thorough expertise for your online studies and barometers

Statistical data processing and analysis in Excel for online survey
As a logical follow-up to the development of our Excel 2009 processing tool, we have organized a team dedicated to statistical data processing and analysis.

The scope of intervention covers:

  • Data preparation (if necessary): cleaning, checking, correction, merger and sampling
  • Data encoding: creating intervals, grouping items, combining questions and coding scripts
  • Frequency tables, cross tabulations and descriptive statistics: subpopulations, weighting, adding consolidated variables
  • Application of statistical tests: chi-square, Student and frequencies
  • Multivariate analysis: PCA, BCA MCA , multiple regressions

Results can be published as:

  • Excel files
  • PDF catalogs
  • PowerPoint reports
  • or on a website portal dedicated to report consultation and/or generation, as well as filtered and profiled data export

A team close to you at all stages of your project: how to build your questionnaire for a correct statistical processign

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