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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Simple, automatic online solutions that are adapted to your market world

customer satisfaction survey: be successful
Customer knowledge, satisfaction and loyalty: know your customers better in order to correctly measure their satisfaction and implement loyalty levers.

AreYouNet.com enables you to qualify customer or prospect bases, collect opinions and comments, send alerts and quantify the major indicators. In this way, you can control the customer lifecycle, increase the average purchase and ensure much greater performance.

Online customer satisfaction survey solutions

Build a more profitable customer relationship with online satisfaction surveys using AreYouNet:
  • Get insight feedback in real time
  • Build increasing loyalty
  • Use your loyal customers to promote your brand
  • Generate more pertinent information to lead your company to success
  • Mobilize your employees using the indicators obtained

With AreYouNet.com, customer satisfaction can be measured with automatic (i.e., linked to your CRM system), multi-channel and instantaneous processes.

Carry out online studies with full independence

Entrust us with your projects

Success with this type of project requires professional support to help you provide overall coherence upstream and maintain a large amount of technical flexibility during implementation. There is nothing more difficult than designing a way to report which must be created from scratch!

AreYouNet.com methodological benefits:
  • Project framing according to your goals
  • Writing of the questionnaire
  • Definition of reporting type and format
  • Implementation support
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation of action plans

Best practices and advice

Online customer satisfaction survey: our difference
Benefit from the advice of our customer satisfaction experts, who are recognized on the market, to avoid choosing the wrong indicators. Don't forget, for instance, that NPS does not include any explanatory aspect.
Online customer satisfaction survey: clients
Online customer satisfaction survey: client malakoff mederic
Online customer satisfaction survey: client voyages-sncf.com
Online customer satisfaction survey: client vente-privee.com Online customer satisfaction survey: client auchan
Online customer satisfaction survey: client feedback
"We use the AreYouNet studies platform for independent management of all studies carried out on behalf of our members. Only one tool is needed for the entire study process: survey programming, field management and analysis of results.
The platform is simple and easy to use and offers numerous functionalities. Graphically, it's very adaptable and lets us personalize our surveys with the vente-privee.com drand. If we run into technical issues or require changes, the AreYouNet support teams are ready to find a solution for us as quickly as possible."


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