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DialogMaker: qualitative forum

Community-type bulletin board approach for discussing with customers and employees

Qualitative online forum for consumers and employees
A qualitative online forum provides a way to understand the expectations, motivations, feelings and behavior of individuals. Differences between what people say and the way they behave come to light, and emotions rise to the surface. Market Research Online Communities (or MROCs) utilize a private social networking platform/website to conduct qualitative marketing research.

Most often, an online forum is made up of 15 to 30 individuals who are chosen in a targeted manner to discuss various topics under the guidance of a moderator who has numerous features to interact efficiently with participants. The core of an exploratory and collaborative approach is based on 'listening'. It is in listening that we uncover emerging trends, or identify a service problem before it takes hold. This is a completely new way to think about marketing research.

DialogMaker, our qualititive online forum or bulletin board solution, was designed to facilitate discussion and, above all, enable the moderator to monitor a group of community members in real time. This task is made even easier through a smooth, intuitive interface inspired by the social networks.

The advantages of utilising an online forum

  • Allows both individual and group discussions
  • Synchronous and asynchronous contributions let group members participate when it's convenient for them
  • Provides supervised discussions that strengthen and enrich responses
  • Makes it easy to recruit participants, especially in B-to-B and for international studies
  • Brings together composite groups that are otherwise very difficult to assemble in one place

The main functionalities of DialogMaker online forum

  • Enables creating interview guides with themes, topics and questions that can be modified even after launching the discussion
  • Provides planning schedules for session starts
  • Allows modifying groups during the session
  • Tracks participant activity individually, by group or by theme with real-time graphs
  • Exports guides, discussions, images and statistics
  • Features an interface in French and English
  • Displays responses, comments and internal messages with highlighting of the leader's posts
  • Participants are automatically positioned in the discussion according to the way they progress
  • Participants can send files and images
  • Participants can be notified of new questions and additional comments
  • Responses by other participants can be either displayed or hidden
  • Questions can be displayed either progressively or sequentially
Personalized look and feel for projects
Forum en ligne - consommateurs ou salariés

Areas of application

  • Understanding of attitudes: abandoned transactions, absence of repurchase in the store
  • Study of how a typical product is used
  • Testing of concepts or offers
  • Loyalty program optimization
  • Understanding of perceived product quality
  • Competition analysis
  • Knowledge exchange and resolution of corporate issues
  • Creation of exchange dynamics within business units

Case Study

Support and consulting

We can take complete charge of creating your online forums, including recruitment and discussion leadership, or we can simply make DialogMaker available for you as a turnkey tool. It's already hosted and can be used without special training. We can give you advice on how to recruit participants according to the chosen target. We suggest ways to recruit, how long the forum should last and how participants can be compensated.
Forum en ligne - consommateurs ou salariés  : les plus AreYouNe
A modern interface based on the social network concept
A dashboard with instant results and indicators for the moderator
The possibility of relying on our panels for recruitment

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