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A few Best Practices

Online studies: how can they be used?

The best practices of AreYouNet.com
The AreYouNet.com platform is used worldwide for very different needs because it has a very broad functional perimeter that evolves each month.

Below, you'll find some concrete examples of use, but feel free to contact us to learn more.

Best Practice no. 1: The dissatisfaction alert

Best Practice no. 2: Web dashboard monitoring charts

Best Practice no. 3: Training evaluation

Best Practice no. 4: Communication support tests

Best Practice no. 5: Creating a dedicated panel

Best Practice no. 7: Online consumption notebooks

Best Practice no. 8: Employee surveys

Best Practice no. 9: Smartphone questionnaires

Best Practice no. 10: The QR Code for your surveys

Best practice no. 12: Personalized exit pages

Best practice no. 13: Net Promoter Score

Best practice no. 14: Creating an online community

Best practice no. 16: Questions with clickable images

Best practice no. 18: Identifying the respondent

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